Our company provides project management services for construction projects. That includes a link between the client and the contractor in project development. Each project must be in compliance with Serbian regulations and this segment is very important, especially at the early phases of the projectdevelopmentwhen it is necessary to obtainpermits All project parameters from the start must be implemented into one at the end of the project. The Focus on problem recognition, in the early stages of the projectdevelopment, was recognized by renowned companiesfrom the area with whom we have a long-term cooperation in the realization of their projects.

From the large palette of services, we highlight:

  • Provision of professional-technical supervision services at industrial facilities;
  • Provision of professional-technical supervision services on low constructions buildings;
  • Provision of professional-technical supervision services at civil engineering structures;
  • Provision of building and architectural design services for high-rise buildings;
  • Regulation and production of complete technical documentation in the territory of Serbia;
  • Subdivision, approval for construction, registration of the commencement of works, use permit, etc.;
  • Registration of objects;
  • Other services in the field of construction.