Fire protection on work

Fire protection is a set of activities with a goal to reduce the risk of fire, and to quickly and effiectivelyextinguish the fire if it occurs. All companies are obliged to organize and ensure fire protection measures with the required number of qualified persons and equipment.

Our company provides services in legal compliance (with the law of the Republic of Serbia), and expert services in the Fire protection regulation:

  • Fire protection rules;
  • Evacuation plan;
  • Fire protection plan ;
  • Plan zaštite od požara (protivpožarne zaštite);
  • Marking of evacuation routes, fire routes, fire extinguishers and signs forevacuation routes;
  • Basic employee fire protection training;
  • Preparation of the Program of basic employees’ fire protection training and employees testing according to the approval of the Emergency situations sector(Ministry of internal affairs);
  • Advice and supervision of fire protection;
  • Fire Protection Officer;
  • Development of fire protection ;
  • Znaci evakuacije, PP aparat, znaci zabrane, znaci obaveza...;
  • Evacuation signs, fire extinguishers, safety signs;
  • Preventive fire protection measures;
  • Fire risk assessment;
  • Fire Protection Study;
  • The main fire protection project;
  • Making a fire protection plan.