Health and safety on work

Occupational safety and health ensures work conditions that minimize work-related injuries, occupational diseases, and work-related illnesses ,and are a prerequisite for full physical, psychological and social well-being of employees.

We offer the following services:

  • drafting Risk Assessment act
  • drafting the HSE Plan
  • employees training and testing
  • monthly servicing – the HSE officer services
  • HSE Coordinator services
  • Registration of construction sites and preparation of studies for the site (for construction companies)
  • First Aid Training Program

Services of the HSE Officer

HSE officer service includes:

  • drafting the HSE Plan;
  • training employees for safe and healthy work;
  • keeping mandatory records;
  • identifying high risk activities;
  • identifying hazards in the workplace;
  • determining ways and means to eliminate, reduce or prevent risks;
  • drafting the Risk Assessment act;
  • development of Safe work instructions;
  • organization of testing of working environment conditions and;
  • organization of testing of equipment;
  • monitoring injuries at work and occupational diseases, as well as work-related illnesses, participation in determining their causes and preparation of reports with proposals for measures for their elimination;
  • in the event of an injury at work, a report on the injury at work is submitted to the competent health insurance branch, and in the event of a serious and collective injury it is obliged to carry out a competent inspection of the work;
  • When performing regular and intermittent supervision by inspection officers in the field of safety and health at work, contacts with them are performed by the HSE officer;
  • Occasional visits, and obligatory upon invitation, to the employer to monitor and control the application of measures for the safe and healthy work of employees at the workplace and keeping records.

Services of the HSE Coordinator on the site

The task of the HSE coordinator on the site includes:

  • Supervise and coordinate all subcontractors in the site with regard to the implementation of safety measures, issuing written orders for remedying the detected irregularities, and providing suggestions to the experts of each individual subcontractor for HSE and fire protection in the sense of undertaking individual measures;
  • Everyday site visits and solving urgent HSE problems;
  • Conducting meetings (dedicated to the problems of HSE at the site) with representatives of contractors, subcontractors, investors and supervisors, once a week and solving HSE problems;
  • Providing written reports to the Client and participants of the meeting about their weekly activities and established status;
  • Permanent contacts with person in charge at the site and providing assistance in solving problems in the field of HSE;
  • Mandatory contacts with inspector and problem solving;
  • Continuous monitoring and development of HSE at the site;
  • Consulting services - advice from the subject area for all site participants and others.