Health and safety on work

Occupational safety and health ensures work conditions that minimize work-related injuries, occupational diseases, and work-related illnesses ,and are a prerequisite for full physical, psychological and social well-being of employees.

Fire protection

Fire protection is a set of activities with a goal to reduce the risk of fire, and to quickly and effiectivelyextinguish the fire if it occurs. All companies are obliged to organize and ensure fire protection measures with the required number of qualified persons and equipment.

Environmental protection

Enroll HSEES's environmental services to help you keep your environmental impact to a minimum and protect theenvironment as much as possible.


Our company provides project management services for construction projects. That includes a link between the client and the contractor in project development. Each project must be in compliance with Serbian regulations and this segment is very important, especially at the early phases of the projectdevelopmentwhen it is necessary to obtainpermits All project parameters from the start must be implemented into one at the end of the project. The Focus on problem recognition, in the early stages of the projectdevelopment, was recognized by renowned companiesfrom the area with whom we have a long-term cooperation in the realization of their projects.


Violation of data security in a company can be an experience that changes lives to both customers (clients) and employees. We analyze business processes of users and propose optimal solutions for connection, digitization, automation and protection of all business segments. Transformation of business and its convergence with digital, today is embedded on the level of imperatives and represents an important step in the life cycle of each company.